Hearing Aid Maintenance While on Vacation

hearing aid maintenance while on vacation

When traveling, it’s important to consider what you’ll need for your hearing aid. Remember that when you’re traveling your environment can be different than at home, so your hearing aids might need a little different care. Here are a few tips for hearing aid maintenance while on vacation. 1. If it’s been more than two to three months since your … Read More

My Hearing Aids Got WET! Now what do I do?

hearing aids got wet

Most newer hearing aids have a protective coating to repel moisture, sweat and oil. The coating does not make them water proof, but it does help keep them dry. Whether your hearing aids got wet by felling into a glass of water for an unknown length of time or they briefly got wet while stepping into the shower, you want … Read More

Hearing Aid Care

Open the battery doors at night to allow for venting of the hearing aids and stop the main drain on the batteries, this will allow the batteries to last longer. Clean your hearing aids with a dry soft cloth, audio wipe or a clean dry toothbrush. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol on your hearing aids this will break down the … Read More