Hearing Protection

Protect Your Hearing: Take Charge Of Your Own Well-Being

Hazardous Noise

Sounds, louder than 80 decibels are considered potentially dangerous. Both the amount of noise and the length of time of exposure determine the amount of damage. Hair cells of the inner ear and the hearing nerve can be damaged by an intense brief impulse, like an explosion, or by continuous and/or repeated exposure to noise.

Examples of noise levels considered dangerous by experts are a lawnmower, a rock concert, firearms, firecrackers, headset listening systems, motorcycles, tractors, household appliances (garbage disposals, blenders, food processors/choppers, etc.) and noisy toys. All can deliver sound over 90 decibels and some up to 140 decibels. Protect your hearing with some of our products below.

150 dB = rock music peak
140 dB = firearms, air raid siren, jet engine
130 dB = jackhammer
120 dB = jet plane take-off, amplified rock music at 4-6 ft., car stereo, band practice
110 dB = rock music, model airplane
106 dB = timpani and bass drum rolls
100 dB = snowmobile, chain saw, pneumatic drill
90 dB = lawnmower, shop tools, truck traffic, subway
80 dB = alarm clock, busy street
70 dB = busy traffic, vacuum cleaner
60 dB = conversation, dishwasher
50 dB = moderate rainfall
40 dB = quiet room
30 dB = whisper, quiet library

Warning Signs of Hazardous Noise

  • You must raise your voice to be heard
  • You’re unable to hear someone two feet away from you
  • Speech around you sounds muffled or dull after leaving a noise area
  • You have pain or ringing on your ears (tinnitus) after exposure to noise.

Sonic Valve Earplug

Shown in Frosty Clear

The Sonic Valve custom earplug provides comfortable protection for loud environments like factories. Unlike earmuffs or solid earplugs, the Sonic Valve’s open fit reduces high level noises while enabling you to hear the subtle sounds of a conversation. Musicians, pilots, racecar drivers and industrial workers alike use the Sonic Valve to protect their inner ears from permanent damage.

Hocks Noise Braker™

Shown in Frosty Clear custom ear-mold.

The Hocks Noise Braker is an acoustic filter that adjusts all incoming sound to approximate speech level. While most hearing protection seals off the ear, effectively blocking any sound from entering, the Noise Braker lets air and sound through in a safe, effective way. As a result, the wearer can communicate freely and remain aware of the surrounding environment.

Corded Earplugs

Shown in Orange Material

Custom fit earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. The attached cord allows wearers to place the plugs over their necks when they’re not in use. (Available in Heat-cured Silicone (NRR 27) and Ultra Flex (NRR 24) materials in a variety of colors.)

Earplug with Removal Handle

Shown in Neon Green with removal handle. Custom.

Earplugs can be designed for a number of different needs with a variety of options. Ultraflex is recommended for noise attenuation, and can be filtered to allow accurate hearing in the noisiest of environments. Available with four styles of removal handles: slot, nubbin, string, and right/left handles.
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