Take A Quiz, See If You Show Signs of Hearing Loss

When you lose your vision, you lose contact with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people. —Helen Keller

Hearing loss differs from most other afflictions in at least one important way. It is seldom characterized by pain or physical discomfort. If it were, hearing loss would be obvious. However, because it is usually a gradual, stealthy process, it can easily develop into a significant handicap before it commands attention.

Hearing Loss? That’s the Question

Signs of Hearing Loss

The problem is hearing loss that affects over 30 million Americans of all ages. Hearing loss can range from being very mild in nature, resulting in rarely hearing faint, high-pitched sounds or voices, to impairment that is so severe, very loud noises may go completely undetected. Take our quiz below to see if you have any signs of hearing loss.

Early Detection and Help

As with most health problems, having your hearing tested early allows for early identification of the signs of hearing loss and better hearing help. In some cases, hearing loss is medically treatable and may be improved. In cases where the hearing loss is permanent, hearing aids are a form of treatment that allow for compensation of the hearing loss. Early hearing test and hearing help can offer support for both the hearing impaired person and their family. Social and mental burdens often associated with hearing loss can be avoided with early hearing tests.

Take Our Quiz to See If You Show These Ten Signs of Hearing Loss