Hearing Test

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It’s important to have an annual hearing test to measure what you’re hearing and what you’re not hearing. It’s also important to have a hearing test even if you don’t have a hearing loss just in case there is a sudden hearing loss we have a comparison. During your visit, we will measure your Frequency-Specific Sensitivity, Word Recognition Ability, and Speech Reception levels. We have a sound booth we put you in for testing so it’s nice and quiet for you.

Your hearing test will determine what kind of hearing loss you have if any. We test the air scores by testing the ability for you to hear sounds in the inner ear through the ear canal. Then we test the bone scores by testing the sounds transmitted through the skull. This will tell us what type of hearing loss you have.

We also do a series of words to see how your word recognition is. Word recognition is different from hearing sound.  Learn How Your Hearing Works

Fun Fact: decibel (dB) – was named in honor of Alexander Graham Bell. One decibel is one tenth of one bel. The bel is seldom used anymore.Schedule a Free Hearing Test

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