Our Team

Donna R. DeMarco, AAS,BC-HIS (Owner)

Tinnitus Care Provider Holding a Certificate from the International Hearing Society

Thank you for choosing Accurate Hearing Systems and allowing me to be your Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS). My experience and training will provide you the most up-to-date information and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your hearing assistance needs.

I am committed to earning your trust, listening to your concerns and identifying your symptoms. You can count on knowledgeable professional care with an emphasis on understanding hearing loss and the help available through amplification.


D. Babe Wenrick, PCC/Medical billing

Hearing Specialists in Anchorage, AKIn some instances, the warm, friendly voice greeting you will be that of Babe, my mom. She is retiring, and only works a few days a week now.  (Psst…. She is also the one who bakes the cookies…. Yummm!)


Kara King, PCC/Medical Billing

Kara heKara and Frank 2021lps with many of the aspects that keep the office flowing, our hearing specialists moving, and our hearing care top-quality. We rely on Kara for extra assistance where needed in the office. She is the other joyous voice you will hear on the phone setting your appointment and a smiling face that will help you when you first arrive at the office. Kara is in charge of coordinating and scheduling patients here at Accurate Hearing Systems. She is in charge of billing all your medical claims for patient hearing solutions here at Accurate Hearing Systems.