Hearing Aid Care

Open the battery doors at night to allow for venting of the hearing aids and stop the main drain on the batteries, this will allow the batteries to last longer.

Clean your hearing aids with a dry soft cloth, audio wipe or a clean dry toothbrush. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol on your hearing aids this will break down the material your hearing aids are made out of. Turn the hearing aid upside down and brush the tooth brush over the microphone ports to keep them clear of any debris that might be there. The wax guards need to be changed as needed. When the wax guards are no longer white or you are not hearing well then the wax guard probably needs changed. You can visit www.accuratehearingsystems.com for a video on how to clean your hearing aids if you want a visual.

To keep your hearing aids working you need to bring them in for a thorough cleaning every 3 to 6 months. We will change filter, use suction on them and listen to them to make sure they are working properly. There should be no charge for this where you are established for your hearing care. Free hearing test and hearing aid cleaning call 907-644-6004