Custom Ear Molds

Custom Ear Molds and Specialty Hearing Aids

Musician Earbuds

From filtered earplugs to in-ear monitor headphones to custom earbuds for your iPod, we have the perfect hearing solution for musicians.

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Hunting Hearing Aids

For hunters seeking both sound amplification and hearing protection, our hunting hearing aids protect your hearing from muzzle blasts and more.

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Swim Earplugs

Protect your ears while swimming with removable swim earplugs that can be used to keep moisture out of the ear canal.

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Hearing Protection

Both the amount of noise and the length of time of exposure determine the amount of hearing damage. Keep your hearing protected!

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Custom Newscaster/Teleprompter Mold

Shown with coiled tube over ear and no venting.
Used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters and law enforcement agencies, this custom open ear mold, skeleton- or canal-style ear mold offers clear and discreet two-way communication.

Custom Pilot Headset Ear Mold

Shown with Boom Mic attachment.
With an under-the-ear design for comfortable custom fit, the Pilot Ear Mold features an adjustable noise canceling microphone for clear, uninterrupted communications between air and ground. Custom headset ear molds are also available in a receiver style without a boom microphone support.

Custom Racing Receiver Ear Mold

Used by motorsports drivers who demand quality communication, the custom Racing Receiver mold offers maximum comfort and durability while providing excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet.

Custom Medical – Stethoscope Adaptor Ear Mold

Shown with special adaptor and tube.
Customized Receiver ear molds can be fit to nearly any stethoscope for added comfort and enhanced hearing ability in noisy medical environments.

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