Hunting Hearing Aids

HEAR Your Target Before You See It

Magnum Ear now has high performance digital technology for hunters seeking both sound amplification and hearing protection. Digital means lower noise, less feedback and the ability to tune into your quarry while protecting your hearing from muzzle blasts. The magnum Ear hunting hearing aids come in two models that fit either ear without a special fitting, plus a custom fit model for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Hunting hearing aids are available in three models: Behind-The-Ear, Canal, or Custom In-The-Ear.

Magnum Ear™ Behind-The-Ear

Worn behind the ear, the Magnum Ear BTE hunting ear weighs less than ¼ oz. and features a low-battery indicator tone. Conforming ear tips create a comfortable seal while providing superb attenuation properties.

Magnum Ear™ Canal

Worn in the ear canal, Magnum Ear Canal hunting ear weighs less than ¼ oz, features a low-battery indicator tone, and provides the same comfort and superb attenuation properties as the BTE model.

Magnum Ear™ Custom In-The Ear

For those who prefer a custom fit, this top-of-the-line model offers the ultimate in comfort for hunting ears, convenience and performance. Magnum Ear Custom also features a low-battery indicator tone.