My Hearing Aids Got WET! Now what do I do?

Most newer hearing aids have a protective coating to repel moisture, sweat and oil. The coating does not make them water proof, but it does help keep them dry.

If your hearing aids fell into a glass of water for an unknown length of time or they briefly got wet while stepping into the shower. Either way you want to remove them from the water right away.

Dry your hands, then dry the hearing aids well. Open the batterie door, remove battery and discard it. Leave the battery door open until its good and dry inside, you should be good to go. Don’t blow in your hearing aids, your breath has moisture and it will add to the problem. Just let them dry naturally. There are extra steps if this did not do the trick.

There are special hearing aid dryers and hearing aids dry aids. The electric dryers often have the added benefit of sanitizing your hearing aids as well. Dry aid is usually a jar that has moisture-absorbing beads to soak up moisture from the hearing aids. Either of these you would want to leave your hearing aids in overnight.

You can always bring them to your hearing care provider and they should try and dry them out for you. If they went throw a washing machine they usually must be sent out for repair. If under Manufacturer warranty this should be free to you.

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