So, What If I Say Yes To Any of These Questions?!

Do you to strain to understand conversations?

Hearing Solutions in Anchorage, AKStraining to hear conversations is not normal. The more you strain, the more you take away other brain function and put them to hearing. This is a common hearing loss symptom. Some of these other brain function you might not even be aware that you are using because they are so automatic. Example, you are walking and staining to hear, so you are now more focused on hearing and not one waking. You might them be off balance and fall. I could go on with examples but I think you get it.

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?

If you keep asking people to repeat themselves, then the conversation is not going to continue. It’s frustrating for you and for the person being asking to repeat. This is one common hearing loss symptom. Eventually you will stop and nod your head without hearing what was said. Next step is to avoid conversation altogether. When you avoid conversation, you start to isolate yourself. You might not even realize you are isolating yourself. When people are isolated they can get depressed, stop learning and that means stop keeping their brain active. When your brain is no longer active then Dementia and Alzheimer’s can set in quicker than it might have.

Do most people you talk to seem to be mumbling or speak unclear?

Do you really think that most of the people you talk to mumble or speak unclear? And, again I must say you will then avoid conversation just out of sheer frustration. It’s no fun having a conversation with someone you can’t communicate with.

Do you have a problem hearing over the telephone?

Ok, this could just be the phone. It happens. However, if everyone else hears well on that phone you might want to rethink getting a new phone and get your hearing checked. After all I offer FREE hearing test. How frustrating it would be to have your grandchild call and you always must pass the phone off because you are unable to hear them. There is help.

Do people complain you turn the television volume up too loud?

When you turn the volume up on the TV, it makes it so loud that you might give your loved ones a hearing loss. Or, annoy your neighbors that have to hear your TV.

Do you find it difficult to follow the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time?

People might start leaving you out of the conversation, because its smother and faster of a conversion without you. Not necessarily because they don’t want you as part of the conversation. It’s just an easier conversation.

Do you have difficulty hearing when there is a noisy background?

When you are unable to hear in background noise you stop doing the things you love to do and isolate yourself. Such as no more social clubs/events, restaurants or hanging out with friends.

Do you often misunderstand what’s being said to you and respond inappropriately?

Constantly misunderstanding is so frustrating that it’s just easier to leave yourself out of the conversation. Even when it comes to the importing things like being at the Doctors, talking with grandchildren or having cherished moments with your spouse.

Do you have problems understanding the sound of women and children’s speech?

This area is where usually a person is accused of selective hearing. If it’s a male’s voice you can hear it but not a women’s? This is typical of a high frequency hearing loss and is a common hearing loss symptom. This can be extremely strainful on a relationship with the women and children in your life thinking you are just ignoring them.

Do people seem annoyed because you misunderstand what they say to you?

Who really wants to have a conversion with someone that misunderstand half or more of what they said. Eventually you will just stop having conversation with them. Again, not because they don’t want to have conversation with you, but because it’s impossible to.

These are just some reasons why it’s important to get your hearing check if you have difficulty with any of these questions. There is help and there is something that can get you back living your life. Call today for a FREE hearing test and get to hearing/living the rest of your life. After all, it might just be ear wax blockage. Hearing aid is not always the answer.