What you don’t know may hurt you!

Hearing loss is a more serious problem than just not being able to hear. Hearing loss comes on so gradually one might not even notice. Studies have shown that hearing aids could delay or prevent dementia by improving patients hearing.

Hearing loss has also been directly linked to falls. Walking, talking and listening all at the sometime takes a lot of thought. We don’t really think about it our brain just does it – or does it? If your brain is busy trying to hear it takes away from other brain power, you are using. That can result in a fall because it’s to taxing on the brain.

At John Hopkins they have found hearing loss is directly related to significantly more shrinkage of brain tissue that someone with normal hearing. The part of the brain that is most affected by hearing loss is sound, speech and also is responsible for memory and Alzheimer’s disease.

The more we study about hearing loss the more urgency treating hearing loss is rather then ignoring it. You want to address hearing loss sooner than later and treat it before brain structural changes take place or you have a bad fall. For a FREE hearing test please call 907-644-6004