Vitamin D Deficiency and Your Hearing

healthy-ear-bonesWhen we think about a vitamin D deficiency, osteoporosis comes to mind, which is a weakening of the bones. Vitamin D is important to our bone mineral density which helps prevent fractures and breaks. What we don’t think about when we think about bone health are the tiny bones in our ears. These three tiny bones are the hammer, the anvil and the stirrup. This trio of bones are what take vibrations from our eardrum and start the process of sound in our cochlea. Vitamin D deficiency and your hearing are related. When a vitamin D deficiency occurs it can cause our bones to become weak and lose proper function and this includes the smallest bones in our body too. This condition is known as osteopenia and the effects can result in a hearing loss or even deafness. While calcium is the most critical mineral for healthy bone mass vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from the things we consume. In addition to what our body takes from foods our body also makes vitamin D from the sunlight. Our bones don’t reach maximum density until roughly the age of 30 so for children and young adults having a healthy diet and getting plenty of sunlight will have long term benefits. These two simple things not only reduce the potential for fractures but also the risk of possible hearing loss or deafness. In conclusion, drink your milk, eat your veggies and go play outside!

Thank you for your continued support!

Kim Chuculate