Our Favorite Hearing Aid Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are now available on the market, ion lithium battery and Z-power. The most common type of battery is the zinc-air battery. There is different brands of zinc-air batteries and it does make a difference what one you use. Zinc-air batteries are air-activated, the sticker on them allows the batteries to remain inactive until it is removed. Once peeled … Read More

How does hearing test work?

Most important part of finding the right hearing aid is having a good hearing test. A good hearing test should consist of first looking in your ear for any kind of blockage, air and bone pure tone audiometry, word recognition, and a few other words test. Your ear has three parts the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. When … Read More

Hearing aids and iPhones?

hearing aid accessories

Hearing aids connecting to your iPhones can be extremely confusing for people. I hope to remove some of that confusion for you. Most all manufactures have a hearing aid that will connect directly to the iPhone for two-way conversation between the hearing aids and iPhone. Meaning you can answer the phone as normal and hear the caller with your hearing … Read More

Are Two Ears Better Than One?

If you have hearing loss in both ears (bilateral hearing loss), then you are most likely a candidate for two hearing aids. Research has shown that when only one hearing aid is worn, the unaided ear tends to lose its ability to hear and understand. Participating in conversation is more enjoyable with both ears because you have better speech understanding, … Read More

Hearing Aid Maintenance While on Vacation

hearing aid maintenance while on vacation

When traveling, it’s important to consider what you’ll need for your hearing aid. Remember that when you’re traveling your environment can be different than at home, so your hearing aids might need a little different care. Here are a few tips for hearing aid maintenance while on vacation. 1. If it’s been more than two to three months since your … Read More

Movies theaters and hearing loss

Going to the movies can be challenging for people with hearing loss. Two challenges are the sound in the movie theater can be deafeningly loud and the dialogue too soft. If you have access to be able to change programs on your hearing aids, a program, to cut down background noise can be set aggressively to help. Or, you might … Read More

Outer Ear Infections and Hearing Aids

outer ear infections and hearing aids

If you are prone to acute outer ear infection, hearing aids can be a risk factor, but does not have to be. Outer ear infection, also known as Otitis externa or swimmer’s ear can present ear pain, swelling of the ear canal and drainage. Without going into too much detail, some causes: germs, swimming in polluted water, water trapped in … Read More