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Hearing aids and iPhones?

Hearing aids connecting to your iPhones can be extremely confusing for people. I hope to remove some of that confusion for you. Most all manufactures have a hearing aid that will connect directly to the iPhone for two-way conversation between the hearing aids and iPhone. Meaning you can answer the phone as normal and hear the caller with your hearing aids. The phone must be near you, because your voice is still being picked up by the microphone on the phone. Nothing to learn just answer your phone and presto it happens for you.

You can also stream (a method of receiving audio directly into your hearing aids as a steady and continuous flow) music, audio books or anything you like to listen to at a level you can hear.

If you a little savvier with apps or want to, you can also turn your iPhone into a remote control changing volume and switching memories programs. Different manufactures have other functions you can do with the app as well if you would like even more control over your hearing aids.

YES, if you do not have your iPhone with you the hearing aid still works perfectly fine without it. The iPhone is a really nice remote but, you don’t need it.

What a lot of people really want to know is why not Android phones? We as a hearing aid industry are waiting for Android to be compatible with us. Apple wrote a program to be compatible with hearing aids. We are waiting for Android to do the same. However, some Android phones can be used as a remote control. Android just does not have the capability to stream phone calls into your hearing aids, it only has a one-way conversation.

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