How to Enjoy the Holidays with Hearing Loss part 1 of 2

The Holidays are coming filled with family dinners, gatherings with friends, holiday parties and lots of socializing. Hearing loss can sometimes make it exhausting and overwhelming to want to be part of the fun. I hope these tips can help you have an enjoyable holiday season.

  1. Try to sit in a high back chair or have a wall behind you to help block the background noise. Try to find a quite area away from music and buffet or bar areas where there are lots of people. At home dinner table try to sit in the middle of the table so you can see everyone making it a better line of sight to you for hearing.
  2. Try to keep the background noise down. You can ask your host or a restaurant to lower their music as well. It does not hurt to ask and most of the time they will do it. Look for rooms that are quietest to hang out in.
  3. When having conversation don’t try to have them with people that are not next to you. Move closer to them or ask to continue the conversation when you can be closer together. If you can move to a quieter spot ask them to join you.
  4. Wear your hearing aids! They really can help. If you have the right hearing aid for you, your environment and they are set properly they help. It takes time to get used to for some people. There are also devices that can help with your hearing aids.
  5. Have reasonable expectations. If a person without hearing loss can’t hear because of the noise chances are you won’t either. Enjoy talking to the people near you, then seek out others to talk with during other parts of the party.

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