Hearing loss is not always from noise

A healthy heart will give you better hearing. If your heart, arteries and veins are not working properly, bad blood flow to the inner ear can contribute of hearing loss.

Studies show that people with diabetes is more likely to have hearing loss. More research needs to be done, but we believe that the glucose in the blood may damage the small blood vessels in the inner ear.

There are many diseases and trauma that can cause hearing loss. Some other causes can be, earwax buildup, infections, ruptured eardrum, hereditary the list goes on.

You have tree parts to your ear, outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Your outer ear being blocked can cause a hearing loss. The middle ear is an air filled cavity with three middle ear bones. If you have an inner ear infection, calcium builds up on the middle ear bones or an air presser difference then a hearing loss can occur. The cochlea is in the inner ear that your nerves are attached to. There are tiny hair cells in the cochlea that help transmits the signal to your brain. If the hair cells die off, then part of your hearing goes with it. FREE hearing test call 907-644-6004