Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

Make sure you have hearing aid batteries on hand at all time. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a day out and can’t hear because your batteries died, or even worse being on vacation and run out of batteries trying to find some in an unfamiliar place!

Make sure the batteries never touch each other. When hearing aid batteries touch they start to drain and won’t last as long. Opening the battery doors of the hearing aid at night will stop the main drain on the batteries allowing them to last longer and the hearing aid to vent. Once you remove the sticker off the battery it will start to die even if you don’t use the batteries.

There are convenient hearing aid batteries cases that will help keep the batteries separated and can attach to your key chain so you always have batteries with you. For information on how to change the batteries you can watch my video at www.accuratehearingsystems.com

Never use rubbing alcohol on your hearing aids it will break down the material your hearing aid is made out of. A soft clean dry cloth will shine up a hearing aid. If you do need some moisture to clean your hearing aid you can use audio wipes. For a FREE Hearing Test Call 907-644-6004

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