hearing aid accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories

There are many different types of hearing aid accessories and each manufacture has their own version. Most Manufactures offer some sort of lapel microphone that can be worn by a co-worker, spouse, pastor or anyone you might be having trouble hearing. The person would wear the lapel microphone and their voice would stream directly into your hearing aids giving you the best access possible to speech sounds directly in your ears at the level you need for understanding.

Most hearing aids have a device that can hook up to your cell phone or anything blue tooth to stream directly into your hearing aids. This would allow you to hear your phone call with your hearing aids making it the sound level you need. These remotes generally will allow you to change volume level, change programs, stream TV, music or put it on a table and bring in group conversations.

Some hearing aids will pair directly to an iPhone. Allowing the iPhone to be your remote control letting you change programs and have a volume control on your iPhone. Also, stream phone calls into your hearing aids and make some of your own programs. The app on the phone also has a find my hearing aid feature.

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