wearing a hearing aid for the first time

Wearing a Hearing Aid For the First Time

Most people new to hearing aids don’t know what to expect from them and can be nervous about wearing a hearing aid for the first time. Misconceptions and second-hand stories of bulky, whistling, old-fashioned analog devices continue to influence the way people think about all hearing aids.

But hearing aids have changed dramatically from a generation ago — from outward appearance to internal technology — making them vastly more appealing and effective.

Today’s hearing aids are like mini-computers. The best of today’s digital and wireless hearing aids — when properly fit by a trained hearing professional — will make a noticeable difference in how your world sounds. If you’re wearing a hearing aid for the first time, this is what you can expect:

  • Your ability to hear and understand others should be improved.
  • Other people’s voices shouldn’t sound distorted, harsh, tinny, sharp, booming or muffled.
  • The sound of your own voice should be clear and not sound like you’re in a barrel.
  • The intensity and quality of familiar sounds should be sharp, bright and clear — not dull or irritating.
  • The sound of a crowded room with many people talking at once should be loud but not deafening.
  • When wearing hearing aids in both ears, they should help you identify the location of a sound or voice.
  • Hearing and communicating in quiet environments (home, work, doctor’s office) should be improved.
  • Your ability to hear and understand speech in environments with background noise (restaurants, dinner parties, environments with fans or A/C running) should be improved.
  • Your hearing aids should help you understand speech in larger environments where there is reverberation (lecture halls, worship spaces, movie theaters).
  • Loud sounds (sirens, traffic, construction sounds) should not be uncomfortable but you should hear them clearly.

Healthy hearing is so important and can prevent a myriad of other symptoms when treated properly Change your perception of hearing aids and change your life for the better.

We understand that the rapid advancements in hearing aid technology may make identifying which hearing aids are right for you. We want to ensure that every patient gets the right hearing aids to best meet their hearing loss and lifestyle needs. To start this process, we recommend you start by setting up an appointment for you or a loved one by calling us at 907-644-6004 or visiting our Contact Us page today.