hearing aids on airplanes

Hearing Aids on Airplanes

  1. Wear your hearing aids when you fly. Wearing them insures you have them with you. Also, traveling can have many difficult listening environments and it will be easier to hear directions, announcements, and important information with your hearing aids on.
  2. Keep hearing aid supplies in your carry-on bag. There could be unexpected delays, layovers, and more. Having your batteries, cleaning kit, and accessories in your carry-on ensures you have everything you need when you need it. If your checked bag gets delayed, you still have what you need to hear.
  3. Wear your hearing aids through security. Your hearing aids won’t set off the metal detectors or be detected in body scanners. It is a good idea to tell the security agent that you are wearing hearing aids before you go through a detector or scanner. If for some reason, you need to put them through the x-ray scanner, the x-rays won’t harm the hearing aid.
  4. Wear your hearing aids during the flight. When the flight attendant asks everyone to turn off electronic devices, this mandate does not apply to hearing aids. Wearing your hearing aids on airplanes will make it easier to hear your travel companions and any on board announcements. However, if you like peace and quiet while on your flight make sure to bring hearing aid case or pouch to put them in. Have a designated spot that you keep them so you have easy access to them and they don’t get misplaced or left behind.

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