common myths about hearing loss

3 Common Myths about Hearing Loss

Today there are over 32 million Americans who suffer from some degree of hearing loss.  Yet, only a small percentage of these individuals have sought a professional to have their hearing checked and receive a hearing aid, if needed.  Having a hearing test is easy and free and can put you on a path to re-connecting with missing sounds through better hearing.  Too often, some common misconceptions about hearing loss prevent people from taking the first step in making an appointment for a hearing test.  To prevent a similar outcome for you and your loved ones we wanted to clear up some of the confusion around identifying and treating a hearing loss.

Myth #1:  I had a hearing loss, my family Doctor would have told me.

Fact:  While your physician is aware and concerned for your hearing health, identifying various degrees of hearing loss can be difficult to do.  Since most people with a hearing loss hear decently in quieter environments, such as a Doctor’s office, recognizing the need for treatment may be hard to do.  A hearing professional can provide a comprehensive examination with specialized testing equipment to identify the nature and extent of your hearing loss.

Myth #2:  Hearing loss affects only those who work in noisy conditions and seniors.

Fact:  Since there are causes of hearing loss beyond extended noise exposure and aging, hearing loss can occur at any time and age.  In fact, according to the Better Hearing Institute, 65% of those with reported hearing loss are under age 65.  Additionally, there are an estimated 6 million people in the U.S. with a hearing loss between the ages of 18-44.  The earlier you treat hearing loss the less it will affect your quality of life.

Myth #3:  Some hearing losses are too severe to be treated.

Fact:  With the rapid advancement in hearing testing and hearing aid technology very few individuals will go without an option for treatment.  More and more people with profound hearing loss are finding that there is an array of available options for assistance and amplification available today that can benefit them.

The best way to treat your hearing loss or help someone suffering from hearing loss is to take the first step and make an appointment for a hearing examination.  At Accurate Hearing we offer complimentary examinations and consultations.  Simply request an appointment by entering your information on our Contact Us page or call 907-644-6004 and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment within one business day.