How to Enjoy the Holidays with Hearing Loss Part 2 of 2

  1. Take a break. Even people without hearing loss need to take a break from all the noise, give your brain, and ears a rest. Find a place by yourself for a few minutes or go outside and stretch a little. It will clear your head and build energy for another round of socializing.
  2. Don’t fake it! It’s better to ask them to move to a quiet place or pick up the conversation latter then to fake like you can hear them. You have no idea what you are laughing at or nodding yes to.
  3. Give visual clues to indicate you are having trouble hearing. You can do this without interrupting the flow of conversation and make it so you can hear them. Like leaning and cupping your hand over your ear while they are talking. They tend to move their mouth closer to your ear and speak up without missing a beat of the conversation.
  4. Bring your sense of humor. It’s hard with you feel like you are missing out on all the fun. Try to laugh and be grateful for your friends and family around you. Partake in all the goodness, enjoy the moment and remember to take it all in stride.

Also, remember that people with normal hearing at some of these events can’t hear either. It’s not always the hard of hearing in big crowds that have hearing issues. Some hearing aid wears can hear better in background noise because of the noise reduction built into their hearing aid. Look around the party to see if others are having a difficult time hearing as well. You also should not feel like you are being a burden asking all these extra thangs. If it makes it so you can hear better they would love to do them and have you participate in the conversation.

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