Hearing Aid Care

Open the battery doors at night to allow for venting of the hearing aids and stop the main drain on the batteries, this will allow the batteries to last longer. Clean your hearing aids with a dry soft cloth, audio wipe or a clean dry toothbrush. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol on your hearing aids …

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time for a hearing test

Time for a hearing test?

Hearing loss comes on so gradually that one might not notice. Can hear, but can’t understand? People mumble or slurring their words? Ask people to repeat words or phrases? Prefer the TV or radio louder than others? Avoid social occasions or family gatherings where listening may be difficult? Have ringing in your ears or other …

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Airline Travel

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) is working on ways to assist the hearing impaired with their airline travel. The DOT wants to make sure that the hearing impaired get updated information on flight delays, schedule changes, connections, flight check-in, gate assignments, ticketing, checking and claiming of luggage, aircraft changes, safety briefings presented to …

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wearing a hearing aid for the first time

Hearing But Not Understanding

I was recently visiting with my cousin. She said she can hear just fine but in background noise she cannot understand most of the words. She was hearing but not understanding. This is typical of a high frequency hearing loss. Most people associate hearing loss with deafness. However, it is common for people to understand …

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